Riyadh Seasons Opening Ceremony!

Riyadh Seasons is one of the largest entertainment and cultural festivals taking place in Saudi Arabia. This year it’s promised to be the biggest spanning over five-months. This Season is set to amaze the world, as it will include an extravagant opening ceremony, theatrical performances, International concerts, sporting events and different interactive experiences.

Creative Technology (CT) are proud to be a part of the Riyadh Seasons, delivering a complex solution of LED wrapped around three extravagant floats, and a multi display control system on behalf of our client Balich Worldwide Shows.

Our engineers assembled over 250sqm of LED across all three floats in various bespoke structures and configurations creating great visual impact. All three floats had custom made cubes adorned in LED, which were used as stage platforms for Parkour stunts. Each float had its own system control along with multiple cameras allowing the floats to navigate through the parade creating a fully wireless integrated system consisting of 4K Novastar processing and Watchout servers to manage the multiple display systems to createa seamless canvas displaying realistic and lifelike imagery. The video system across all three floats were triggered via lighting control systems through TelNet.

Krystian Piotrowski, lead Video Engineer on the project comments, “The biggest challenge was the complexity of the structures built on the flatbed trucks. The assembling of ‘Riyadh Boulevard’ float was challenging to construct as the main centre tower screens had to be pre-built, carefully placed in via a crane, and then mounted into position. Due to its complex design it required careful management from start to finish to ensure all the LED were perfectly aligned.”

The opening event was a huge success explains, Chad Smith, Project Manager for CT Middle East. “I had a 6 dedicated server operators and LED engineers working on this project for over two weeks and I could not have asked for a better team. We overcame all anticipated challenges and delivered beyond our clients’ expectations. I would like to thank Balich Worldwide for trusting CT to be part of this historic moment in Saudi Arabia.”

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