Red Sea International Film Festival

Creative Technology (CT) partake in the third edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival which illuminated Jeddah with diversity and creativity in the shared experience of film.

The vibrant port city of Jeddah is a trading hub of ideas rooted in Saudi, yet open to the world as the ultimate setting for cultural exchange. Creative Technology’s contribution extended across key areas at the venue, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for creative technical expression. Featuring the best of what Arab and international cinema has to offer, the Festival united all those involved in a borderless cultural experience.

The Auditorium

The Ritz Carlton Auditorium emerged as a centrepiece, hosting grand Opening and Closing Ceremony screenings for nine remarkable days. The main kit supplied for the Auditorium show- cased a sophisticated setup to deliver an immer- sive cinematic experience. Positioned in the balcony were 3xTriple Stack RQ35K Proscenium projectors, strategically projecting onto a black projection fabric. Complementing this were 4x wall side projectors on each side, positioned in projector towers on the ground. Adding to the visual spectacle were 4nos 3mW x 5mH INFiLED AR3.9 LED screens. The visual canvas was master- fully controlled by 2xVX4 Disguise Servers, ensuring a seamless output for both the LED and projection elements. The use of Resolume for pre-rolls, routed through the E2 screen management system, outputting to the Film Technic’s projector used for the movie screening and LED screen, enhanced the cinematic experience.

The Facade

The Ritz Carlton Facade Mapping project added a touch of enchantment to the festival. Mapping a staggering 185 meters of the Ritz Facade, which served as the driveway leading to the red carpet, was a visually captivating endeavour. For the Facade Projection, a monumental display was achieved with 16x35K projectors distributed across 16xprojector towers. Each tower housed 1x projector in portrait style, creating a colossal canvas. The entire visual spectacle was orchestrated by 2xVX4 Disguise Servers. At the Souk Cinema, a more intimate setting was achieved with 2xRQ25 projectors installed on a scaffold tower. The setup included 1xPDS4K for seamless switch- ing, 2xlaptops for PPT, and 1xResolume for pre-roll, graphics, and videos. This configurationallowed for a dynamic cinematic experience, fostering a connection between the audience and the films presented.

The Festival Garden

The Ritz Carlton’s gardens were transformed into a music festival space for outdoor evening entertainment following each days screenings, and CT provided LED screens to amplify the visual impact of the artists performing on stage. This kit including an 8.5mW x 5mW INFiLED ART4.6 LED. The visual orchestration was managed by an S3 Screen Management System and a Resolume Server. The inclusion of imagepro 4k at FOH with input ability for house/touring VJs added a layer of flexibility, ensuring a seamless flow of visuals.

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