The Norwegian Aviation Museum

The remodeling of the display about civil aviation at The Norwgian Aviation Museum is one of the most exciting and important events for this established, national, cultural historical and technical museum since it’s opening in 1994.

The Museum didn’t only want to freshen up their expression and design, but enhance and clarify the importance of the history of aviation, and the objects in the display, through making personal contact points for the attendees.

By using new display techniques and borrowing elements from theatres and theme parks, the museum wanted to enliven the stories from the past, and make the history relevant in the lives of the attendees.

Creative Technology Norway delivered lighting, AV technology and control technology for the new display “Vi FLYR!” (“We’re FLYING!). The installation took place between October and December 2016. CT collaborated with the reputable Australian museum designer Freeman Ryan Design and the British Museum Builder Scena, to realize the project.

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