Delivering Unforgettable Technical Solutions: UAE President's Cup

UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
UAE President's Cup
The President's Cup in the UAE is an esteemed football tournament that brings together 32 teams competing to win the prestigious trophy. The anticipated climax of the season was held at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

In this case study, we will explore how Creative Technology (CT) provided full technical services to bring People Creative’s vision for the ceremonies to life.

Objective: CT’s objective was to deliver a seamless and immersive experience for the audience, combining cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals, and dynamic lighting to enhance the ceremonies and create a captivating atmosphere. This included:

  • Providing a comprehensive projection system for immersive visual experiences.
  • Delivering a powerful lighting package for dynamic displays and wash effects.
  • Ensuring seamless integration of video and lighting elements.
  • Establishing a reliable and redundant network and video distribution system.
  • Supporting multiple activations across the site, including the VVIP Majlis and Press Conferences.


Projection-Mapping: Deploying 48 high-output laser projectors to achieve a full field of play (FOP) pitch projection required precise planning, design, and testing.

Lighting: Creating dynamic mid-air displays and powerful wash effects using CT’s latest inventory of high-powered IP-rated fixtures while ensuring the safety and visibility of on-pitch performers.

Network Infrastructure: Establishing a fully redundant 3G network and video distribution system to support the entire production and multiple activations across the site, including the VVIP Majlis and Press Conference.


Projection Study and Design: CT conducted an initial projection study and pitch fabric testing to ensure optimal visual impact. Alongside testing and designing, CT carried out consultations with content producers and the creative director to develop content workflow documentation, templates, and masks for seamless integration.

Projection: Delivered a full field of play projection system with full FOP overlapping coverage consisting of forty-eight 31k Laser Projectors, producing canvas brightness of 300lux.

disguise Media Server Suite: Utilising two vx2 servers for the director and director understudy, plus four vx4 servers for actors with lighting playback integration to ensure a smooth operation.

Network: Fully redundant network and video distribution systems for sitewide 3G video and network backbone.

Rehearsal Space: CT set up an offsite rehearsal space with a full field of play projection to simulate the main show system for cast rehearsals.

Press Conference: Consisted of a HiRes LED upstage backdrop, HiRes LED Head Table Wrap, content playback and media lighting package.

VVIP Majilis: CT used discreet antiglare monitors built into a bespoke low-profile bench and large wall-mounted displays, all showing broadcasted programs and a wireless decorative uplighting package.

Wireless Integration: Pixel-mapped wireless Astera Hyperion LED tubes interacted with the video content and were controlled with Lumen Radio CRMX offering wireless DMX and RDM across the entire pitch.

FOP Lighting Package: CT installed a comprehensive lighting package, including Proteus Maximus, Elation Proteus, Excalibur’s ROBE Forte, and Ayrton Levante S Wash, all supported by custom-built trussing structures.

RoboSpot Package: Four remote-operated RoboSpots (ROBE Forte) were used to precisely track on-pitch performers, enhancing their movement and visual impact.

Pitch Beam and Air Effects Package: Inclusive of Elation Proteus Excalibur’s, Ayrton Perseo’s, and ROBE Robin Beam350.

Atmospherics/ Haze: Distributed throughout the full stadium.

Lighting Control: A fully redundant GrandMA3 Control Suite with a sitewide backed-up Luminex network, RDM and Smart PDUs for seamless control and 24/7 monitoring.

UAE President's CupUAE President's CupUAE President's Cup


Stunning Visuals: The full FOP projection, using 48 high-output laser projectors, created a canvas brightness of 300lux, captivating the audience with immersive visuals.

Dynamic Lighting: The lighting package, including IP-rated fixtures, wireless Astera fixtures, and atmospheric effects, added depth and intensity to the on-pitch performances and created a vibrant ambience.

Seamless Integration: The fully redundant network and video distribution system ensured smooth operation and synchronisation of video and lighting elements throughout the production.

CT’s technical expertise and innovative solutions played a pivotal role in delivering a memorable and immersive experience during the President’s Cup ceremonies. By seamlessly integrating projection mapping, dynamic lighting, and a robust network infrastructure, CT contributed to the success of the event, elevating the overall atmosphere and creating lasting impressions for both participants and spectators.

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