WWE - Elimination Chamber

WWE - Elimination Chamber

WWE – Elimination Chamber took place for the first time in Saudi Arabia at the world’s largest freestanding super dome in Jeddah. The premium live event saw 12,000 fans from across the world in the venue catching all the action between world-class champions.

CT delivered over 1300 sqm of LED and a fully redundant E2 screen management system for the world-renowned event on behalf of our client Screenworks which included the main entrance screen, structure legs around the ring, and the large screens situated above the centre of the ring. The bespoke entrance screen was the centre of attraction. This was the backdrop for the main walkway where each contestant made their big entrance.

The impressive over-ring design consisted of 4 large LED screens that were designed to ensure fans never missed a second of the action as it created a 360 visual spectacular that was seen from every angle within the dome. To enhance the fans experience, LED was used to wrap around the 4 truss tower legs. The content interacted with the over-ring LED displaying, rounds, point scores, updates and sponsorship logos.

Quintin Posthumus, Senior Video Engineer comments, “We used a fully redundant E2 screen management system to ensure the event was seamless. The most satisfying part of the night was when you take a moment to stand back and admire the scene. A significant amount of planning and preparation took place months before the event. And then to be able to see the immense piece of engineering coming together was incredible. We have a dedicated team of engineers who worked really hard to ensure that everything ran efficiently. And by far the whole event was a huge success and fans who came were amazed by the size of the show.”

Dan Hughes Project Manager at CT expressed, “We are really proud to have been delivering WWE for fourth year. We had 20 engineers on the ground, building LED for the large-scale technical production. The team were ready for any changing scope and last-minute editions. Thank you Screenworks for trusting us each year to make this a spectacular event.”

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