CT Supports Herbalife Virtual Event

Winner Of: Virtual Events & Experiences: Best Virtual Conference — more than 1,500 attendees

Creative Technology was brought in to support an internal Herbalife virtual event for sales training and performance recognition called “Herbalife NAM Extravaganza”.

The event took place over 12 days and was supported by our Audio, Video Production, LED, Web Encoding and our Lighting departments to create a truly “one-of-a-kind” virtual event during the pandemic lock down. The event reached an audience of 60,000 remote viewers across many countries. Broadcasted in English and translated live on-site into Spanish, French, Korean, Mandarin & Russian.

With strict social distancing guidelines in place, CT navigated the many avenues of a virtual event. The crew worked for three days to build out the sets and get technology working, another two days of shooting content, two days of rehearsals, four days for the show production and a full day for load out.

The goal of the show was to produce a virtual event with a “Live Event” look & feel. To accomplish this, CT pre-recorded many segments including live musical performances on our virtual LED set within a soundstage environment. We further enhanced the live feel by including “backstage” shots of the crew/operators within the various show segments. This additional POV added another level of human connectivity to the audience experience by showing the remote viewers that there were many enthusiastic & involved people making their event happen behind the scenes. The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

CT used our Nashville virtual set design with a three sided LED set and floor minus the VR/AR technology. Watchout was used for the the LED canvas media backgrounds. A standard three camera TV prod: tripod/dolly with a camera mounted prompter and Steadicam; 24ft Jib allowed for total video production control with social distancing in place.

The event was served with seven outbound web streams to the clients web hosting vendor for onsite language translation and remote sign language needs.

Using CT’s newest “UNITY Comm” allowed us to connect our local show crew with the many remote presenters, remote producers and clients to manage our many show elements as they were prepared and cued within the show environment.

Matt Packer, CT Project Manager coordinated two remote camera shoots for executives who were to be part of a show segment interview. The two camera feeds were sent “live” via high-resolution Zoom to our on-site control room, both being shot against a green screen in their respective locations (Maui & Denver) to interact with our local host in real-time.

The highlight of the event was the late night band performance that CT had recorded. The band and crew had already been through an exhaustive long day recording other show segments which had left only an hour to record the concert at the end of the day. The band and crew stepped-up the energy to deliver a fun & fresh performance for all involved. At the end of the 18 hour day, everyone was truly impressed with the artists, the crew and the technical aspects that had taken place over the course of the event.

Matt Packer, took on a “TD” role on the client side, so their staff TD did not have to travel to the location. He and staff Project Manager, Gerry Platt, partnered their onsite efforts to make this event a complete success.

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