Dublin's Digital Display Bridges

Creative Technology (CT) Ireland was proud to work on the installation of Irelands largest digital display billboards on railway bridges across four arterial locations in Dublin City Centre for our client CIÉ, Irelands leading provider of public transport.

CT Irelands Systems Integrations team researched and developed this exciting project over 12 months and then went on to complete the installation within 4 months.

Customer Requirements

CIÉ were looking to modernise their static advertising billboards with the implementation of digital displays across Dublin City Centre’s railway bridges. These digital displays were to be installed on North Strand, Amiens Street, Drumcondra, and Pearse Street railway bridges as well as inside Pearse Street railway station. CT Ireland provided CIÉ with a complete solution for their digital signage desires.

Our Systems Integration team had to solve many technical issues when planning this installment. This was due to the harsh vibration tremors caused by passing trains to ensure the digital displays were safe and protected, and that the bridge was not altered or damaged in anyway.

CT Solution

To overcome the challenge of vibration tremors caused by trains crossing the railway bridges, CT had the solution of installing a shock mount system to the bridge, without damaging the bridges integrity. This system reduces the wear and tear of the digital display over its lifetime, while also reducing vibration shocks. This allows for these new, modern billboards to be implemented safely, and reduce potential damage risks in the future.

The display product chosen which best fit this application was the Absen XD6 plus, which performs specifically well in a northern European environment. Due to the size of the billboards being installed, 18 metres x 2 metres, the display was divided into three sections, created on the ground, and then installed one by one. This allowed for continuous testing throughout the installation which ensured the display pieces held no damaged areas.


Due to the busy project locations, this project allowed for limited working hours only. The CT Ireland team spent four nights on each location working on the installation of each digital display.

CT created a 4G enabled content connection to each site, with full redundancy, allowing CIÉ’s outdoor advertising company to access each display on a 24/7 basis, making for an effortless ease of operation for our clients. CT will continue to monitor each display, through the installation of high-quality CCTV and data monitoring, to ensure optimum performance of these new, digital bridges.

Mel Kellegher, at CIÉ, shared CIÉs satisfaction with the result of the installation and while working with CT, “The recent launch of our Digital Bridges marked a significant milestone of investment in the digitisation of the Iarnród Éireann advertising estate. This particular project presented many challenges in design & installation, from an engineering and logistics perspective. The supply and install were managed by our contractor, Creative Technology, with a high degree of expertise and professionalism right through to commissioning of the screens. The project has been a resounding success and we are delighted with the results.”

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