Finnish Sports Gala 2022 (Urheilugaala)

In Helsinki, the 2022 Finnish Sports Gala (Suomen Urheilugaala) was celebrated as a TV broadcast on January 13. The annual gala celebrates last year’s sports highlights, touching moments and the brave athletes, not forgetting the achievements of the coaches and the significant contribution of the important supporters. As a long-term partner of the gala we were honored to provide the visual design and technical planning as well as the production, with a big team of professionals. The delivery included all the technical equipment of audio, video, lighting, rigging and staging. The team consisted of two project managers, two technical designers, one visual designer, 21 technicians, 20 technical support staff and 3 drivers. These talented professionals, together with the cutting-edge technology and thorough pre-planning created a successful technical outcome.

CT Project Manager Hannu Makkonen comments on the project

”The technical implementation of the event was successful. Careful pre-planning and preparation of equipment and systems in the warehouse ensured efficient and safe work at the venue. Schedules were kept without the need for haste or correction in practice due to urgency. The length of the days and the workload remained within the anticipated framework and thus the focus of the employees remained high throughout the project. The co-operation with Finnish Broadcasting Company also went smoothly, as the production was well organized and planned.”

Technology plays a big role in gala-sized productions, especially when the gala is broadcasted live to thousands of home audiences. General Secretary of the Finnish Sports Gala, Riia Martinoja, comments on the successful co-operation:

“We have many years of meaningful co-operation behind us. The role of technology in the Finnish Sports Gala is important. The collaboration with Creative Technology is always smooth and gives us peace of mind when we know that the audio, lights and screen design are in the hands of professionals.

The live TV broadcast with different program numbers and customized music performances can be hectic to work with – CT’s attitude is amazing and the entire production team always has a desire to do things better.”

As the new covid restrictions began right in the middle of the design work, the project changed from a live event to a studio like TV broadcast, which required changes in the technical solutions. On Yle TV2 channel the gala gathered almost 600 000 viewers. In addition, Yle Areena and ”Gaalakatsomo” broadcast gathered many viewers as well.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Equipment used

  • 210 lighting fixtures
  • 2 Robert Juliat Merlin followspots
  • 4 Grand MA light consoles
  • 2 Hippotizer V4 Boreal media servers
  • 1 Digico SD10 sound mixer
  • ~ 300 m truss
  • 45 hoists
  • 342 pcs Black pearl 3.9 mm led panels (50 x 50 cm)
  • 20 wireless microphones
  • 12 wireless in-ear receivers
  • 8 intercom stations
  • PA system
  • DJ mixers
  • 73 nivtec stage pieces


Read more about the event here.

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