Mestarit – Kaija Koo, Vesala, Ellinoora and Jenni Vartiainen

Mestarit – Kaija Koo, Vesala, Ellinoora and Jenni Vartiainen have been successfully touring around Finland with their unprecedented joint tour.

Creative Technology had the honour to provide the tour’s lighting technology, LED screens and camera production under the leadership of CT’s project managers Mikko Makkonen and Jukka Virtanen. Our exceptional team of event technology professionals toured in Espoo, Vaasa, Turku, Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki with the production from October to November.

ROE’s Vanish and CB5 LED screens were used on the stage of the world-class show, which created a multidimensional LED spectacle. ROE’s transparent Vanish LED-screen enabled the visual look where part of the lighting was positioned behind the screen. As for the lighting, we used top equipment e.g. products from Martin, Robe and GLP. Ari Levelä and Pekka Martti were responsible for the spectacular visual design of the concert tour.

A big thank you to our client Warner Music Live for a great tour and a smooth cooperation!

Photos: Janne Saarinen


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