Nobel Week Lights 2021

Nobel Week Lights took place in Stockholm in December 2021 during the Nobel Week. Inspired by Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries and laureates, stunning artworks lit up the capital in various locations. The spectacular mapping of Stadshuset was inspired by a quote from William Bragg (1915 Nobel Prize in Physics): ‘Light brings us the news of the Universe’.

Creative Technology supported Nobel Week Lights with the projection mapping, audio setup, technical staff and project management. The technical setup was based on 32 Panasonic projectors; 27 pcs PT-RZ21k and 5 pcs PT-RQ22. 2 pcs of Disguise D3 4×4 pro media servers were used for the mapping and content playout. The audio setup of 12 pcs L-Acoustic Kara II speakers hanging from ALC Towers added an “ambient” sound to the content for a more immersive experience.

NobelWeekLights is presented by Nobel Prize Museum and produced by av Troika AB. More info at


Content: Andreas Skärberg, PXLFLD

Photo credit: Creative Technology

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