Shout out Louds – Interactive Concert

Streamed events and concerts are something we all have become accustomed to in recent years. When Shout out Louds recently planned their next gig, they wanted to take it a step further. Together with Creative Technology and Door’s digital platform for live-streamed concerts, a completely new format was created where home audiences had the opportunity to interact in real time with the artists, send messages, influence the light in the studio, control projected graphics and much more.

– We wanted something else than just a show in front of a camera. We wanted this whole stream to be like going to the show … feeling you’re there, said Adam Olenius from Shout out Louds.

The weeks before the concert in Ingrid studios on Södermalm in Stockholm were devoted to planning and testing of the new functions in Doors’ interactive web platform – all connected to Creative Technology’s equipment. One function involved the triggering of a disguise media server to play back various graphic elements, which were then projected onto one of the walls in the studio.

Lamps were hung in the studio ceiling and setup on the floor. The light color could then be controlled by the audience’s digital applause and dance.

– Creative Technology are specialized in innovative technical solutions. We love helping our clients to realize their creative ideas and concepts, said Thomas Ejderhamn, Project Manager at Creative Technology.

In addition to the interactive light, projection and graphics, Creative Technology set up eight cameras to broadcast the concert and visualize the interactive elements.

– Doors is pushing the boundaries of digital live experiences. Thanks to our collaboration with CT we can explore and unlock new ways for artists to get virtual audience feedback on set which is a key to making digital live into a viable new category for artists and evolve the music industry. Together we shape the future of entertainment and I could not be more proud of our partnership, said Daniel Sporre, Founder and COO at Doors.

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