Tons of Rock 2022: Norway’s largest Hard Rock and Metal festival!

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27 June, 2022
Tons of Rock is Norway’s largest Hard Rock and Metal festival and opened Thursday 23rd of June with a lineup of 49 bands, performing across three stages over three days.

Day 1 was kicked off with the Norwegian rock/metal band Black Debbath on the main stage. Swedish Europe, American Mastodon and Canadian Sum41 were just some of the other bands gracing the three stages, before Iron Maiden went on the main stage at 9PM. The British Heavy Metal band first played 11 songs, then added 3 extras, and when the audience still hadn’t gotten enough, wrapped it all up with Aces High as an extraextra song.

Day 2 was an equally great success, with Bring Me The Horizon, KoRn, The Darkness, Dimmu Borgir and Steel panther, among others, to huge cheers. And on the last day, day 3, the audience could experience, among others, Deep Purple, Opeth, Turbonegro and Within Temptation, before Tons of Rock 2022 was closed by the American Heavy Metal band Five Finger Death Punch.

Tons of Rock was a success, and we are happy to have helped create unforgettable concert experiences for tens of thousands of Rock and Metal fans at Ekebergsletta this year as well. Thank you!