S&D in Sarpsborg!

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13 January, 2023
S&D were out at work again, this time in Sarpsborg, at the fantastic Sarpsborg Scene!

Sarpsborg Scene has taken the initiative to gather the local culture centres for a joint social gathering with professional, relevant product demonstrations. This it thought to be a biannual meeting point, rotating between the culture centres.

Creative Technology Norway was happy to be invited to fill the first event with our products and knowledge. Course instructor Jarle Kvalsund held a mini course for the Midas HD96-24 on the lower floor, where we brought four sound mixers that the attendees could try out. On the upper floor Jørgen Tharaldsen and Johan A. Holmen showed up the communication system from GreenGo – a network based system that gives room for reuse of older components in the culture centres, but also going over to wireless units and new functions. They also showed off light fixtures from Strand, including the exciting new Strand Cantata – a great fresnel with 180mm front lens with full colour mixing (RGBALC) and a high CRI.

Sarpsborg Scene gathered technicians from Brygga Kultursal (Halden), Blå Grotte (Fredrikstad), Sarpsborg Scene (Sarpsborg), Verket Scene (Moss) and Smia Flerbrukshuset (Drøbak). The J-gang and Creative Technology Norway are thankful for the invitation to the event, and we had a great time with a lot of great people. Hotdogs for lunch, pleasant conversations and exciting product demonstrations – a very successful and nice day. Thank you so much!