Antti Tuisku - MAYHEM Arena Tour

Finland’s most popular pop icon’s Antti Tuisku’s Mayhem arena tour conquered arenas from Helsinki all the way to Rovaniemi. Creative Technology Finland supplied the audio, light and video technology for the ten-concert tour, as well as the necessary rigging structures in accordance with the visual plan made by MOBB Helsinki Oy. The concert production was done by Warner Music Live.

CT‘s technology professionals were responsible for the technical production and planning of the tour together with MOBB. A total of 22 skilled event technicians participated in the tour. The tour staff was booked well in advance, assuring that the best possible team would be attached to the production for the tour covering the whole of Finland.

Already in the design phase, our production team noted with the designers Pekka Martti and Ari Levelä, that the arenas on the tour varied greatly in terms of height and shape. Scalability was considered in the design of the set, while always keeping all stage elements the same for the shows. The technical equipment was carefully prepared in CT’s warehouse for three days, keeping in mind the tight schedule of the tour weekends. The planned schedules were kept, and the transitions from one city to another were carried out without any major issues with the logistical equipment.

Cooperation between different operators of the tour was seamless – everyone worked together for the same goal, to create the best possible concert experience for the artist, the audience and the entire working staff. Henri Honkaluoma, who led the technical production of the tour, praises the successful tour and especially the tour staff:

“I am satisfied particularly with the seamless cooperation between the entire working staff, from the artist to each individual operator. The equipment choices served the content of the show in the best possible way, but this “iron” alone didn’t form the whole. What gets things done is a professional staff, a functioning team, which will deliver even in the most challenging moments, and even with a smile on their faces. Professional staff combined with professional equipment is a guarantee of quality.”


A big thank you to the entire Mayhem tour team!


Technical production of the tour: CT / Henri Honkaluoma

Technical design: CT / Mikko Makkonen

Design and operation: MOBB Helsinki Oy / Pekka Martti, Ari Levelä, Saku Väänänen, Pietari Koskenniemi

Concert production: Warner Music Live



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