Avicii Experience – an interactive tribute museum to Tim 'Avicii' Bergling

The Avicii Experience is a tribute museum dedicated to Tim Bergling. It is a destination for fans and the public to celebrate and honor the memory of one of Sweden's greatest music creators in modern times. The interactive exhibition gives the audience a closer insight into the lives of the artist Avicii, and the person Tim Bergling.

As a visitor to the museum, you can follow Tim Bergling’s journey from a reclusive music enthusiast to a famous superstar – from the childhood room where it all began, to the studio in Los Angeles where the greatest hits were created. The exhibition includes never-before-seen photos and videos, as well as published and unpublished music. The creators of the museum have gathered many of Tim Bergling’s original objects, which are now shown in the exhibition.

One year after the planning of the exhibition started, Creative Technology was commissioned by Pophouse Entertainment to install the technology in the museum.

– There is an extremely large amount of technology in the museum and only the best of the best has been chosen. It has been an incredible challenge – this is the first job where we have done a complete installation in a museum, from start to finish. But we are satisfied and the response from our customer, Tim Bergling’s family and the audience has been overwhelming, says Lennart Franksson, senior project manager at Creative Technology, who has been involved throughout the project.

The museum comprises 27 stations – or interactive “experiences” – where the audience gets to know Tim Bergling through audio, video and interactive experiences. Visitors, can listen to stories with headphones, interact with touch screens to create their own versions of Bergling’s music, and get to experience both the beautiful and difficult moments in his life. One of the experiences is the so-called mirror room, a room with three walls covered in LED and the ceiling and one wall consisting of mirrors in different angles. Here, the idea was to recreate the chaos and the difficult feelings that Bergling experienced at times during his career.

In the LA studio stands Bergling’s original grand piano. Here, the creative team has succeeded in bringing to life the studio in which he created several famous hits.

Towards the end of the exhibition, one reach the concert experience, also a room with LED walls and a raised stage with a DJ bench. The screens show a video from The Avicii Tribute Concert at Friends Arena in Stockholm.

At the very end, visitors meet a room inspired by Hedvig Eleonora’s church. Directly on the rocky wall, a closing film about Avicii is projected.
– No one leaves this exhibition unaffected. I’ve seen installers walk away with tears in their eyes. I guess that’s a sign that the mission has succeeded, says Franksson.

The technology that Creative Technology has installed includes 82 square meters of Samsung The Wall IWA016 high-resolution 1.6 mm LED screen. This is the first Samsung The Wall built in Sweden. In addition, a number of LCD screens have been installed, as well as audio systems, media players and a control system from Crestron that controls all screens via an iPad. A ten-strong team from Creative Technology worked for over two thousand hours on project management, installation and programming.

– Creative Technology’s professional work and expertise have helped to get the right products at the right price. CT’s fine supplier network contributed to us being able to finish the project at the set deadline, despite the pandemic. Today, with the help of the Avicii Experience, Pophouse sees how all future exhibitions should be built. CT has also been trusted to carry out a major technical update of ABBA the Museum, which will open on 7th May 2023. This will follow the same common thread as the Avicii Experience, says Victor Fredell, CIO at Pophouse Entertainment.

Avicii Experience is part of Space, a digital cultural center in the heart of Stockholm and a physical meeting place for the digital generation. Here, some of the most important ingredients in digital culture are combined – gaming, music, content creation and digital know-how, all under the same roof.

Technology Used

  • Black Box headphones
  • Bose AMS155 subwoofers
  • BrightSign 4K media players
  • Crestron 8-in Saros speakers
  • DM-NVX E30 encoders
  • NVX360 encoders/decoders
  • Dataton Watchpax 60 media servers
  • ELO 24-in touch LCD monitors
  • Genelec 4020 installation speakers
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Samsung the Wall IWA016 (82m2 in size),
  • Samsung QM55R (55-in), QM65R (65-in), QM32R (32-in), Premier projector
  • Yamaha VXL loudspeakers
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