Worldwide Conferences United by Creative Technology

Creative Technology (CT), a leading provider of audiovisual solutions, recently showcased their global capabilities by seamlessly connecting three international conferences in real-time and providing one combined digital presentation space. The event, organised for esteemed client Lemon Lane, unfolded concurrently in London, Dubai, and Washington, D.C., bringing a new level of global connectivity to the forefront.

Emma Rössl, CTUK Account Manager, elaborated on the project’s significance, saying, “Lemon Lane entrusted us with a unique challenge: to support in hosting three distinct conferences in diverse locations and unify them in real-time. Our task encompassed project management, crew, audio, video, lighting, and global communication solutions.”

Despite different geographical locations, CT maintained a consistent conference layout across all venues thanks to their extensive global inventory of state-of-the-art AVL technology. This allowed them to adapt to the venue sizes as needed while ensuring consistent quality on a global scale, showcasing their flexibility in delivering top-notch services.

CT’s comprehensive equipment lineup included LED screens, advanced screen management systems, media servers, camera setups, audio systems, and lighting configurations tailored to each venue’s requirements.

The key to this seamless international connection was CT’s innovative use of X-link deployed at each conference site, complemented by Unity for global communications.

Rössl acknowledged the time zone challenges, “Coordinating across three time zones presented difficulties. The limited window for simultaneous testing and a tight setup schedule added complexity.”

However, the benefits of the international live connection were evident. Participants and organisers experienced a true sense of interconnectedness. Using green screens and Link technology, speakers effortlessly appeared in full length on screens in other locations creating the illusion of sharing a stage with fellow panellists. This solution enabled three-way global conversations and a cohesive message delivery.

Creative Technology’s accomplishment with Lemon Lane exemplifies its commitment to delivering effective solutions in the world of audiovisual technology. This successful collaboration proves that with the right expertise, international connectivity can be achieved effortlessly, making CT the ultimate choice for global endeavours.

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