Creative Technology Provide Live Event Support for Identity at G7 Summit

When the leaders of seven of the world’s most advanced economies gathered for the 47th G7 Summit in the southwest of England, Creative Technology (CT) was there to support Identity, a full service creative production agency, with live event technology as they brought the high-profile event to millions of viewers around the world.

An event of tremendous logistical complexity spanning more than six locations in Cornwall, CT delivered all of the audiovisual requirements across the multiple sites, including a multichannel IPTV system to feed host broadcast transmission, messaging and off-air programmes to the large format LCD displays in the main delegate venues and the Media Centre.

“The project was demanding due to the high-level technical and logistical requirements of a major government project,” Nick Whitehead, Senior Project Manager at CT said. “I would like to extend my thanks to the Creative Technology in-house and freelance crew who did an excellent job in delivering all requirements on a very tight timeline.”

Creative Technology also supplied desktop displays and switching in the main Summit Room as well as virtual participation equipment for remote contributors. The audio team, headed by Senior Project Manager, Staf Rowley, provided a sophisticated digital networked system to distribute multiple simultaneous interpretation feeds across the sites, some of which were located more than 20 miles away from each other.

The plenary and press rooms had their own simultaneous translation of up to seven languages – these languages were delivered to the press and host broadcast locally as well as being transported to listening rooms locally and in distant venues via a combination of satellite and a large Dante network. On the receiving end the languages were then presented in the listening or viewing rooms to BUK’s headphone systems so that the listener could select the language of their choice.

Remote participants were able to engage with the events via Webex by receiving an embedded camera image with all mix minus languages (to avoid feedback) and simply select the appropriate one.

Due to the need for a large Dante network all mixing consoles were either a Yamaha QL1, QL5 or a CL5 for the larger venues. Each venue had a carefully designed D&B PA system for even coverage.

Staf Rowley commented, “I am always overwhelmed by the sound crew, their hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and their instant understanding of a complicated system was second to none. We were all delighted to be delivering an event with loudspeakers after such a long period in lockdown and working with a large team once again was effortless with them. Working with Identity is always a pleasure, problem solving the constant changes presented to them, with their team and the other suppliers is a “challenge made easy” because of their easy flow of information.”

Michael Gietzen, Managing Director, Identity said, “Delivering G7, the UK’s first international in-person event since Brexit and the pandemic, was always set to be a challenge. Due to our best-in-class experience and our dedicated event partners, the delivery was a resounding success with our client. I would like to extend my thanks to our partners at NEP Group who provided first-class support with broadcasting this prestigious and complex event.”

Creative Technology worked alongside group company NEP on this project as they delivered all the broadcast solutions for the event, assembling over 100 technicians, engineers and logistics specialists, encompassing over 500 operational and planning days, all dedicated to this three-day event. Three state-of-the-art satellite uplink systems, including two fully resilient dual antenna uplinks deployed to three different locations. Nearly 100 hours of transmission time was delivered to reach an audience around the world, with the NEP Network Operations Centre at MediaCityUK overseeing the operation and distributing live feeds to various broadcast networks.

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