CT Northern Europe Is Now ISO 14001 Certified

  • Live Events, Systems Integration
11 January, 2024
We are proud to announce great news for the start of the new year – Creative Technology Northern Europe is now ISO 14001 certified! With the international ISO 14001 certificate we at CT Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark commit to making our operations more sustainable from an environmental perspective.

What is ISO 14001? 

ISO 14001 is an international standard and tool focused on environmental management for companies looking to make their operations more environmentally friendly. In practice, the certification aims to make operations more sustainable from an environmental perspective. It involves considerations and choices for more sustainable options, risk assessments, and compliance with legislation. We believe that sustainable solutions can potentially make operations more cost-effective. With ISO 14001, we can demonstrate to our stakeholders that we operate responsibly and consider environmental impacts in our activities in a clear way. 

Months Of Preparatory Work 

A Nordic working group within CT was established for the certification, leading the preparatory work since the beginning of 2023. The groundwork involved familiarizing with the standard’s requirements and identifying environmental impacts within CT’s operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. A significant aspect also included adhering to local legislation governing a company’s actions. 

In practice, an Environmental Management System was developed for the company in accordance with the standard to ensure compliance with its requirements. This includes, among other things, establishing environmental policies and objectives. The final certification requires an external audit to assess operations and determine if corrective measures are needed. After months of work, we were thrilled to receive the ISO 14001 certification within CT Northern Europe. 


“We have for many years been working according to the ISO 14001 standard but we haven’t come around to getting it on paper for the complete organization in the Nordics. I am happy to see the commitment and dedication in the environmental work from our employees, suppliers and clients.  

Now we are ISO 14001 certified, and committed to continue to improve our environmental work, reduce our environmental footprint and work towards a sustainable future.” 

– Fredric Holmgren, Business Development Director, CT Europe


Environmental Actions Are Shown in Our Everyday Work 

How is the certificate shown in our day-to-day work at CT? A crucial aspect involves increasing staff environmental awareness through training and anomaly reporting, intended to identify whether actions or processes require adjustments. We pay closer attention to recycling in our offices and warehouses, as well as contemplate environmentally friendly ways both in our office routines and regarding our partnerships.  Additionally, we strive to identify environmental risks to prevent related damage from occurring due to our operations. 

Sustainability Is in Our Core Values 

Considering sustainability in all operations is part of the company’s core values, aiming to ensure the continuity of operations in the long term. It’s undeniable that every industry must continually seek more sustainable solutions and enhance environmental awareness to secure its operations over the years. By being responsible, we ensure professional conduct and the continuous improvement of our operations. 

Events involve various stakeholders, so it’s important that each party contributes by acting responsibly and follows sustainable principles. 

Continuous Improvement of Operations 

The goal of the standard is not to make the world perfect overnight. It is more about committing to being better in environmental matters, one day at a time. The standard is not just proof that the work is done; it’s quite the opposite. This compels CTNE to consider the environmental impacts of its operations from today onward. It is about learning and dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement of operations from a sustainability standpoint. 


Read more about the ISO standards here.