3D-visualization for events

3D visualizations and 3D animations can produce an image of a set that has not yet been created in real life. 3D visualizations are therefore valuable tools in the designing and planning of projects such as product launches, commercials, virtual and physical events, entertainment and permanent installations.

Creative Technology’s 3D designers work in WYSIWYG, Syncronorm Depence, Twinmotion, Unreal and Cinema 4D to create inspiring 3D visualizations by combining creative ideas and innovative technology. The goal is to create an image that is as realistic as possible.

Animation credit: Mattias Oslak, Creative Technology

A valuable asset when planning your event or project

3D visualizations are useful when you need to preview the design of your event or project, and give you the chance to make important changes in a timely manner before the set is built. Visualizations also minimize the risk of misunderstandings between everyone involved and are a way to understand complicated technical terms and get a quick idea of ​​what visual effects various types of technology will bring to a stage or studio.

Creative Technology’s designers also work with 3D visualizations in pre-programming of lights and video content before a production sets off. This way of work saves time on site at the venue and forms a foundation for the technical staff coming to set up the equipment.

Visualizations, animations and renderings are also often used in the sales process and can be easily modified with a variety of colors, logos, furniture, materials and visual contents to showcase your ideas to a customer. Our large 3D archive of event venues, furniture and technical equipment makes it easy to try out different technical and scenographic setups before you find what best suits the event.

Advantages of a 3D visualization

  • Provides a picture of numbers in a quote.
  • Supports the design of the project at an early stage.
  • Provides a preview of stage designs and technical setups.
  • Simplifies the calculation of technology needs and budget.
  • Provides support in the choice of materials and furniture.
  • Provides the ability to check camera angles, colors, lights and visual contents well in advance.

Set design: Andreas Bini

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