Thank you for 40 years with bad liquor!

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11 October, 2022
This weekend Vazelina Bilopphøggers celebrated a somewhat belated (do we even need to explain why?) 40-year jubilee, with three amazing farewell concerts in Oslo Spektrum.

In 2019, the Rockabilly-band announced (40 years after its conception in 1979) that they would call it quits after their fare well concert ’40 years with bad liquor’ the following year. After some postponements they invited their fans to three concerts in Oslo Spektrum, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last week.

Three amazing concerts, 20 000 people in the audience, good vibes, comedy and all the known and beloved songs that the audience could ever want. The audience was happy, and the concerts got good reviews in the media with, among others, a 5/6 from Dagbladet.

Creative Technology is proud and honored that we got to be a part of this production with one of Norway’s largest, most charming bands. Almost everyone at our department at Gjøvik has worked with Vazelina at some point in their career, so being able to be a part of these last few concerts was great and important for them.

Svein Arne Enger (SA), from our department at Gjøvik, did front, SA has been touring with Vazelina for over 40 years. I addition to Svein Arne, we had Pål Engen, Lars Kristian Gylder, Kristian Sørum, Ove Husemoen and Håvard Larsen on the team, who also has been working with Vazelina for a long time.

Thank you so much for 40 years with bad liquor, and thank you to all our amazing colleagues for yet another amazing job well done!