Delivering Sustainable Live Event Services to Cisco Live 2023

  • Live Events
13 March, 2023
As a global technology partner, Creative Technology pride themselves on offering a personalised approach to clients and nurturing the strong relationships that are key to delivering highly successful live events.

The company puts a huge focus on getting to know clients closely, working hard to build strong partnerships in order to better understand each individual client’s wants and needs whilst also adhering to their preferred workflows, comms and best practices.

When local clients look to deliver events globally, this relationship becomes even more important, with factors such as language and communication vital to ensure a seamless delivery. With our global network we can provide an unrivalled service across the regions all through the same, one reliable point of contact throughout the entire process.

Cisco Live 2023 presented a great example of this. The premium partner and user experience event was held in the RAI Amsterdam, Holland. Lead agency, George P Johnson – London oversaw the design, build, and implementation of this year’s event which promised to be the biggest one yet. Whilst an international client and a UK based agency, the project needed to be delivered responsibly and sustainably with the aim to exceed Cisco standards and vision in this area.

Creative Technology UK, led by Account Manager Emma Rössl immediately pulled our European teams together as part of the procurement process with a large supply of local crew and technologies all sourced from Holland with our partner company Faber. Additional technical crew and various project specific technologies were then supplied from the UK.

We needed to provide a direct and localised account and project management team for GPJ London as the project scaled very quickly and the ability to react locally meant we could update and advise all teams with changes. Having our European team in tandem meant we could provide regular updates and calls to them as well as action design changes.” says Emma Rössl.


Similarly, the equipment inventories, infrastructures and crewing methodologies are very similar between Creative Technology UK and Faber Holland, so it was relatively straight forward to specify the multitude of breakout and presentation areas, an added bonus that was not lost on the GPJ technical team as well as Cisco client speaker teams who were running the multiple spaces and breakout facilities.

The project itself consisted of the main keynote area with a dynamic 62m x 4m 360-screen with seamless rotation, giving the audience an uninterrupted view from wherever they were seated. This type of display gave a new dimension to the content providing a more engaging and interesting experience than a static presentation could.

In addition to this, Creative Technology fully supported and equipped 34 self-operated breakout rooms – complete with interactive touch panels and a mix of single and blended laser projection displays.

To wrap up the event, a large party was held for the delegates with Creative Technology supplying comms, video and radio coverage to ensure the smooth and successful running of the event.

To provide a reliable and comprehensive presentation system throughout the venue – Creative Technology’s custom software, Apollo was rolled out – allowing all auditoria to be constantly in sync with a set of master presentation files, making last minute updates quick and easy to manage – as well as ensuring an in-auditoria backup of the presentation should the network fail.