ConneCT Series – GhostFrame + HOLOPLOT: A revolution for multiple, simultaneous live video and audio experiences

  • Live Events
10 October, 2022
We are not just Creative Technology by name but also by nature and this is just one of the many reasons our clients return again and again. Having access to technology alone cannot always provide the best solution.

At CT, our strength is the ability to combine innovative technologies with our highly- skilled and knowledgeable people – always positioning ourselves at the forefront of exactly what our name implies.

We were recently asked to present ‘new’ technologies to a client to demonstrate how we can make in-person events more inclusive to all. Taking the two key senses of sight and sound we delivered a world-first as a proof of concept in the next level of multilingual conferences.


Combining GhostFrame (frame re-mapping) and HOLOPLOT (3D Audio Beam-forming loudspeaker drivers) we were able to devise and deliver a tri-language conference where over 100 attendees could watch a live presentation in their mother language alongside hearing a simultaneous language translation without the need for audio or video headsets.

Using GhostFrame, we were able to present an English presentation to the main LED screen allowing the on-stage presenter to interact and make any reference points for the audience. At the same time, two additional large screens were placed into separate areas, each screen had a frame remap of their relevant language presentation so the audience could still understand the presentation and view it live at the same time. Our third sectioned out space was simply a direct view of the main stage.

To take this already ground-breaking demonstration format to the next level, we introduced HOLOPLOT. One of the unique characteristics of HOLOPLOT is the ability to create multiple audio spotlights at the same time. This allowed us to focus and concentrate three defined listening areas that corresponded to the respective screens and languages being displayed – creating separate audience sections that could not only see, but also hear 3 different presentations, giving them translated audio of a live event in their own language without the need for worn devices – making this a truly inclusive event for all.

As a proof of concept, the end user experience was emphatically embraced by all attendees resulting in further conversations around the exciting opportunities this demonstration opens. In a world of digital we are still looking at creating memorable analogue experiences.

With our constant drive and fascination with exploring the new alongside our experience of the now allows us to be Creative with Technology and continually work to discover how best we can support our clients and their projects.

Combining both GhostFrame and HOLOPLOT into a world we all know has opened a multitude of avenues for further collaboration and just one small area of where we are looking at new technologies and their use in real world delivery.