Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Live LED Changeovers

  • Live Events
25 September, 2023

The devil works hard, but the Eurovision Song Contest LED technical team and stage crew work harder!

In this video you can see the changeover from Croatia’s act, Live 3, to the final act of the live final, United Kingdom’s Mae Muller. The team had just 60 seconds to reset the stage between the two performances. Whilst the home audience were shown a video introducing the next act, the stage crew and Creative Technology’s video crew worked closely together to quickly remove the previous act’s set and bring on an 8x2m riser clad in our ROE 2.8mm LED screen.

A line up grid is activated on the LED floor and back wall – designed and operated by Chris Saunders’ team at Ogle Hog. This allows the teams to line up the set pieces seamlessly – ensuring all video elements are perfectly in place for the camera shots to give one image.

As you can see, the riser is brought onto the stage on custom dollies in 4 sections, which then must be faultlessly fitted together to allow a flawlessly aligned image. The riser is connected section by section and then powered up, signal is then sent to the screen and a line up grid used to ensure the alignment is exact – with just seconds to spare before the talent walks onto the stage.

As soon as the video at home finished playing – the artist is in place, the lights go down and the show begins.

This is just one example of what goes on during a live show while the camera stops rolling!