Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch Event

Samsung Creates Massive LED Canvas For Galaxy Launch

Creative Technology supported Samsung and the NVE Experience Agency with full-service technical production including all audio, video, lighting and networking. The visual design involved multiple LED elements working together to create one massive, visual canvas. This included an LED stage floor, a large upstage wall and interfacing with the in-house LED arena system. The event featured the launch of the new Galaxy S24 phone as well as additional corporate announcements.

The large InFiLED LED stage floor was backed by a Graphite 2.6 main LED wall with ROE LED Strips flanking left and right.  Adding the in-house Daktronics arena display system expanded the overall imagery to the ceiling across the centrally hung LED scoreboard and around the arena’s wrap-around, ribbon LED boards.

A crew of 60 CT staffers ran over 2 miles of fiber cabling connecting the displays and video village to the NEP Atlas 4k Broadcast Truck.  50 channels of wireless comm and 24 channels of Shure wireless microphones were needed to support the production crew and large number of presenters.  The massive lighting and support rig featured a number of new inventory items from CT including Robe Tetra’s, MegaPointes, Esprites and Robo Spots.

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