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Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape in technology support for live sports and sports-related projects.

Each year, sports continue to become an even bigger part of our global popular culture, creating new and exciting opportunities for competition, business and fandom.  From local and regional sports to national and international competitions, the landscape is growing to include a myriad of leagues, organizations, federations and entities promoting traditional sports and upcoming challengers.  For many, this growth has led to competition and expansion as established leagues and organizations look to retain what they’ve built, expand their empires and/or offer something new to their audiences . . . while new upstarts look for fresh, innovative ways to update and grow the sports landscape.

This competition brings new budgets and creative thinking, searching for new ways to showcase games and competition, ignite passion amongst the fans and promote the unique virtues of their offering.  Whether attending live in person, watching from home or engaging through mobile and digital devices, the one constant is the increasing use of technology to capture, enhance, display and even adjudicate competitions.

At Creative Technology, we are proud to have been a key part of this progression in sports since our beginning back in the 1980’s.  As technologists, we have played a continuous role in the world of sport providing video, audio, lighting and technical solutions for live events, competitions and installations around the world supporting manufacturers, brands, leagues, venues, federations, countries and global organizations. Together with our parent company NEP, our equipment, solutions and personnel can be found onsite at major sporting events every day of the week.



In the world of sport, we specialize in live events, broadcast services, virtual studios and systems integration.

The lighting support for the recent Canelo vs Munguia Boxing Match in Las Vegas and the projection mapping at the President’s Cup Soccer Final in the UAE are just two examples of live event projects supported by Creative Technology.

Our teams have been onsite supporting the broadcast of recent high-profile golf events around the world and providing video systems for the World Athletic Championships in BudapestOur systems integration teams continue to support groundbreaking sport retail and museum projects as well as studio projects like the Apple/MLS Studio.

Event Presentation (Broadcast & Studios)

The requirement to raise the production value, thus enhancing the overall experience, involves a constantly evolving collaboration of new technical tools and workflows.  Broadcasts benefit from the use of enhanced sets and virtual studios, allowing presenters and content to be more interactive and engaging.

Specialty cameras provide unique, one-of-a-kind vantage points, alongside playback and record systems which offer instantaneous replay and review, all managed and delivered over new SMPTE 2110 IP network solutions.  Creative Technology also offers advanced RF solutions for live production of sports like auto racing, cycling, golf and track and field, ensuring signals get exactly where they need to go.

Fan Experience, Experiential & Hospitality (AV)

Attending an event allows individuals to become part of the action and experience the atmosphere first-hand.  Onsite displays for tennis scoring, large-scale LED screens for viewing rallycross, sound reinforcement for auto racing and lighting for horse shows have all become important components of the fan experience.

Our inventory of LED display solutions is just as large as it is varied, providing everything from creative designs for indoor wrestling events to mobile trucks for outdoor racing.  And although audio, video and lighting are an integral part of every live sporting event, activation and hospitality experience, technology alone is not the answer.  The best technical solutions are provided by experienced people with the creativity and capability to make them work.

Infrastructure (Technical Management & Design Engineering)

At Creative Technology we feel that people, planning and process make the difference.  With our experience in sports production comes knowledge and our focus on customer service starts by being prepared.  Our global operational footprint and extensive inventory gives us the unique opportunity to provide support on any scale in any location at any time.

Added to this is our technical expertise and bench depth of over 2000 employees providing the innovative engine and day-to-day support for our clients.  Established partnerships with manufacturers, designers, builders, creatives and producers around the world strengthen our ability to collaborate on innovative solutions and deliver technical results.

At Creative Technology, we fit right in with the evolving, fast-paced sports production ecosystem and we are committed to help design and engineer solutions that deliver a winning result every time.

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