Virke Arena 2022: A totally unique conference experience!

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28 September, 2022
September 22nd, Virke Arena 2022 kicked off in Oslo Spektrum.

Virke has merged Handelskonferansen and Virkekonferansen into one conference, and Creative Technology was naturally present as the total supplier of lighting design, light, sound, camera, video, rigging and scenography.

The theme for this year’s conference was “living communities” and was described as “(…) a unique conference experience in Oslo Spektrum where we show the diversity and opportunities across industries, and how to strengthen the competitiveness of the trade and service industry” – and what a unique conference experience it was!

Just as last year, Oslo Spektrum was turned in to an interactive mini city, mirroring the Norwegian community. In this city the attendees could visit different stands, displays and courses, and of course mingle with each other.

At the conference the attendees also could attend lectures and panel debates with leading players within the trade and service industry, as well as enjoy great entertainment from, among others, Espen Lind, Ramón and Tora, with refreshments.

Creative Technology wants to thank Virke and Playroom for yet another great collaboration and give a round of applause to all the people involved in the making of this unique, exciting conference.


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